The Women in Leadership event is finally happening on Friday.  I am more than pleased with the the response and it promises to be a good and exciting event.  We have managed to draw women from different walks of life i.e. NGOs, public and private sector and I can’t wait to attend and meet everyone.

The session will not be useful if we don’t get input from the women leaders and the afternoon interactive session will be particularly useful in getting these valuable contributions.  Since i took the decision to organise this event I have been amazed about how many people are actually grappling with the same issues and are working in their own space to find solutions.  I hope the event on Friday will create the platform for us to meet each other, share experiences and work on make a meaning impact.

Finally I was reading the latest bill on gender and women representation that is currently being debated in parliament.  If this bill goes through I think we all have our work cut out for us.

If you have not registered please get hold of as this event is the place to be this coming Friday (7th March)