Zenande Leadership is a 100% black women owned business which was established in late 2009. It was founded by Pam Yako and offers services in organisational development consulting and advice on sustainability issues. Its value proposition is to assist leaders achieve sustainability. Zenande Leadership espouses the following values: People, Integrity, Professionalism and Sustainability.

Zenande mainly offers its services to the NGOs, public and private sectors, and small to medium sized business. It offers services in the environment and development sectors.

Leading the way in leadership innovation , organisational health solutions and sustainability.

Working in partnership with organisations and institutions to:

  • Build a reservoir of leaders through group and individual coaching.
  • Continuously seek practical and innovative solutions to organisational growth.
  • Broaden leadership, strategy formulation and implementation skills and capacity.
  • Find innovative ways of ensuring sustainable and environmentally conscious organisational growth.
  • Finding suitable tools, systems and mechanisms to monitor and improve performance.