Three weeks ago I wrote about love and passion and the need to use this month of love to rekindle our love and passion and how we can use this time to exercise self love. Self-love is the ultimate for everyone as once you attain it then you worry less about how people feel about you. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean that a person is an island nor am I advocating for self-centredness.   What I am really talking about is not to look for love externally but know that it begins with an internal focus.

Louis Hay is a great proponent of self-love and she even provides tools that we can use to work towards attaining this state of being. For example, she suggests that you can wake up every morning and look yourself in the mirror and profess love for yourself – Yes, it sounds weird. I know… but it works.

Self-love includes being comfortable in your own skin, giving yourself regular compliments and believing in your abilities. It means less self-doubt and being your own number one fan. It leads to being comfortable in your skin and stop being over critical of yourself. I do not suggest for one minute, that we should not work on improving ourselves and stretch ourselves a little, the point I am making is that if you do not believe in yourself then no-one will.   So – how about – am good at what I do, I love my face, I am nice company etc.

When you exercise self-love then you reclaim your personal power.

Personal power is not how physically strong we feel, but the use of our knowledge, thoughts and feelings to act in a manner to get our own needs met in a positive way.  A person’s self-esteem and self-concept are directly related to whether one gets their needs met in a positive way or negative way. You cannot be a spectator in this world – if you want your needs met – go out there and claim it.

Claiming personal power is not something that is associated with women and because of our nurturing nature and general selflessness society tends to judge us when we turn our focus internally. All sorts of labels get used to describe women that have empowered themselves and decide that they matter and their needs come first and they will attend to them.

As we celebrate, 60 years of the infamous August 9th march, lets be mindful of the fact that at the very core of these celebratory activities is a need for women to be recognized for the role they play in society, the potential and talent they possess and the resilience they bring to the boardroom table.

I am excited about the Diamond Jubilee Series ( as it gives me an opportunity to be nurtured, exercise self-love; be mentored; network with sisters and to be able to stand up and be counted as someone who adds a voice to the fact that women matter. More importantly it gives me an opportunity to claim my personal power and exercise self-love and I can.

See you at one of our events in various parts of the country commencing in Gauteng (11 Alice Lane, Sandton on the 4th of March) or Eastern Cape (Regent Hotel on the 11 of March).

Loving you always