Reflecting on the June 16th/youth day celebrations one could not help it but to stop and absorb the impact of the collective deed of those young heros and heroines on taking a stance against a repressive regime. They were young; without any resources but driven by a conviction and a need for change.

Thirty-nine years later their heroic deed is remembered and revered across generations. They left an indelible mark; they left a legacy.

This brings me to some pertinent questions that leaders today must ask themselves – how will I be remembered? What impact have I made in my little corner? Have I inspired greatness? Have I been a change agent? Or have I mastered and perfected the art of moaning without striving for societal and/or organisational change or movement?

We can all make the right choice and vow to leave a legacy. Leaving a legacy is not just a practice reserved for the wealthy. It is a common human trait to want to leave something behind.

There are different ways to leave a legacy:

– business or non profit organizations that continue your work and vision
after you have gone;

– beauty; inspiration and wisdom passed through creations like books; music;
art etc;

– impactful and inspirational deeds such that your colleagues look up to you
and strive to emulate your continued commitment to engage in life changing
and yet small actions.

Whatever legacy you might want to leave you cannot wait; you as a leader in
the 21st century have to pick up the baton and engage in actions that
contribute to a lasting legacy.

Be bright in the corner where you are and leave a lasting legacy

Happy Youth Month