Diamond Jubilee 2016

About the Event:
he Women's Diamond Jubilee-Series is primarily targetted at professionals and women entrepreneurs, however given the challenges of poverty, unemployment and inequality, there is a need to have some legacy left for some less fortunate South African women. A grassroots project that benefits women, will be identified in each project and be funded either through a direct financial contribution or in-kind contribution like training of office bearers; business coaching etc. In addition a book on the success stories from the 9 provincial events and profiling the women who spoke at the provincial events, will be written as a legacy for the diamond jubilee series.

Aims of the Event:
Bootcamp session (09h00 -12h00) with young women under the theme – “cultivating a new generation of female leaders."
A 3-hour afternoon seminar targetted at women entrepreneurs addressing issues of Access to Finance (14h00 - 16h00).
Personal Finance Seminar (14h00 - 16h00) targeted at all women especially professionals and it will address issues linked to personal finances.
Defining Moment Dinner (18h30 till late) a networking and empowerment session for women.  

 Speakers :  Eastern Cape
MEC Nancy Sihlwayi
Speakers : Gauteng
Ms N. Mjoli Mncube
Ms N. Magwentshu



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