International Womens Day 2019

Objectives of the Zenande Leadership Consulting Women’s Event

Zenande Leadership Consulting has accepted the call to action for driving gender balance across the world and is arranging this celebratory event to achieve the following objectives as its contribution:

  • To celebrate and acknowledge women for their fighting spirit and the strides they have undertaken thus far to bring about balance even though much still needs to be done.
  • As part of that celebration, to encourage and empower them with information towards increasing their personal leadership skills, so that in spite of the demamnds and challenges they face daily in an inbalanced world they strive to live balanced holistically.
  • To inspire women to utilise all resources available to them in order to reach for and express their full potential daily.

About the event

The event will overall be hosted by Pam Yako,  a leadership coach, entrepreneur and gender activist who is the Managing Director of Zenande Leadership Consulting (a boutique consulting company which offers services in organisational development and leadership development).

The event will take the form of conversation and networking with the highlight of the day being the panel of young women to be facilitated by Ms Bulelwa Makalima-Ngewana. 

The event will be streamed and broadcast on social media and a video of the event will be made available.



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