Zenande Retreat 2016

About the Event:
Women in Leadership Retreat is aimed at bringing women in the public service together to network, sharpen their natural leadership skills and hone in on their talents. It is in line with principle 6 of the ‘Head of department’s 8-principle plan for promoting women’s empowerment and gender equality within the public service workplace.’ i.e. EMPOWERMENT. Since the beginning of time, women have silently been leading households, organisations and communities around the world. Gone are the days of submitting to patriarchy. We are proud and we are here to stay. Women leaders offer innovation, multitasking, decision science, are sensitive to relationships and have focus. These are qualities that are setting us apart and propelling us to the top of the corporate food chain in a drastically changing world. These are behaviours to embrace and improve on as opposed to move away from as they are needed more in the boardroom than they have ever been.

Aims of the Event:
Provide a platform tools and strategies to improve leadership effectiveness;
Help women managers to know who they are and how they show up at work;
Enhance the manager’s ability to adapt their style & approach when dealing with others;
Develop coping & survival strategies for working in a changing environment;
Find strategies & tools to enhance work/life balance;
Create a networking platform;


Retreat Speakers:
Ms  N. Gwagwa
Ms  L. Hendricks
Ms C. Carolus



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