Leadership Coaching

This is part of a broader leadership development programme and coaching and mentoring are one of the instruments that can be used in developing a client’s leadership skills. Zenande through our network of coaches works with clients and organisations on individual, group and team coaching initiatives aimed at co-creating better and more effective leaders.

Some of the benefits of a successful coaching programme/process include:

  • Leaders commit to a process of integrating thoughts, emotions and actions;
  • Balancing of left-brain and right-brain functions by focusing on tasks as well as people;
  • Develop a level of comfort in switching between thoughts and insight, analysis and intuition;
  • Focus on both technical and the psychological challenges;
  • Learn how to enjoy work while also taking time for family and personal needs – Work Life Balance.

Coaches work as support to the achievement of the leaders’ dreams and goals as well as acting as accountability partners.

Zenande offers the following:

  • Individual coaching (working one on one with clients)
  • Group Coaching (work with a group with similar challenges or dreams in a group and help them achieve their objectives)
  • Team Coaching (work with natural teams in organisations to improve effectiveness and impact)





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