Last month I wrote about the advent of the new season and encouraged you to think about following your passion and ensuring that you dance with the world whilst there is still some music in you.

I would like to take that challenge further in this month of love and ask you a specific question – what will it take for you to dance with your true soul’s desire?

I am indeed assuming that you know what is your true heart’s desire or am I assuming too much?  Is this a safe assumption?

Let me stop skirting around the issue and ask a few direct questions just to get you started:

What is your true heart’s desire? and Why?
What lights you up? and Why?
What makes you to wake up in the morning and go to work? and Why?
What makes you happy?
What fills up your soul?

These are deep reflective questions and often times when we draw up New Year resolutions we seldom pause and ask the big question WHY?

I like Simon Sinek’s work on beginning with the Why – as it is in understanding the Why that we can start looking at the what and the how?  He argues that many people and organisations know the what they do or sell and how we are they better or different?  What inspires people into action is in understanding why do you do what you do?  He takes it further and says that people do not buy what you do or your offering but why you do it in other words what do you believe in and what is your passion?

To take this further, in order to be inspiring and purposeful in life you need to understand the WHY of what you do and then you will attract people or clients who buy into what you believe in.

I am inviting you in this month of love,  as we are still enjoying the benefits of a new year and whilst we are still energized and enthusiastic about new beginnings let’s just pause and base our resolutions  and goals on a solid foundation which is premised on a deeper and soulful introspection.

Let us open ourselves up to more depth and authenticity. Let us look for strong substance in who we are and what we believe in,  infused with a quest for living a life with a deeper meaning as opposed to superficial and less rooted on our real essence but informed by what we do or what is expected of us.  Incidentally this is not merely a mind exercise; for it to have real results we must be holistic and do it with body; mind and heart.

Let me end by quoting from the Bible – Isaiah 50:11 – “Walk in the light of your own fire; and in the flame which you have kindled”

With Valentine’s Day upon us is it not prudent to understand your passion or what you love?

So…are you game? If yes… Let’s meet in the arena!!!

Pam Yako

Leadership Coach

‘Helping women leaders to be attuned and find their inner goddess’


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