Who Am I?

My name is Pam Yako I have spent 14 years of my career as a woman executive and I have been running my own business since 2009.  In these roles I have learnt to harness my leadership skills, solidify my  business acumen and I have also made many mistakes from which I have learnt lessons.  I have used these leasson to grow myself as a woman leader and entrepreneur.

I believe that women play a special role in the economy and society.  They offer the gift of nurturing and love and that is why I am a leadership coach for attuned women be they in managerial positions or running their own businesses.

I help women to be more attuned leaders in other words, they live and work on purpose they feel happy and content with their choices and empowered to confidently follow their dreams.  I journey with them from feeling overwhelmed to rekindling their inner goddess, passion and dream.

I do that through mainly a 16 week group/individual coaching programme which supports, encourages and empowers women to blossom in the world.


Zenande Leadership

Zenande Leadership is a 100% black women owned business which was established in late 2009. It was founded by Pam Yako and offers services in organisational development consulting and advice on sustainability issues. Its value proposition is to assist leaders achieve sustainability.

Zenande Leadership espouses the following values: People, Integrity, Professionalism and Sustainability.

Zenande mainly offers its services to the NGOs, public and private sectors, and small to medium sized business. It offers services in the environment and development sectors.


Leading the way in leadership innovation, organisational health solutions and sustainability.

Working in partnership with organisations and institutions to:

  • Build a reservoir of leaders through group and individual coaching.
  • Continuously seek practical and innovative solutions to organisational growth.
  • Broaden leadership, strategy formulation and implementation skills and capacity.
  • Find innovative ways of ensuring sustainable and environmentally conscious organisational growth.
  • Finding suitable tools, systems and mechanisms to monitor and improve performance.
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