Attuned Woman Leaders Circle

This is a platform where women leaders can converge and find collective ways to share their burden whilst learning from one another.

Pam Yako who is a leadership coach, mentor, a speaker, and a blogger, anchors the Attuned Women Leaders Club.  She spends most of her time working with women leaders and supporting professionals and entrepreneurs as they journey through life, their chosen careers and running their own businesses.

Join a network of women leaders who will provide a safe haven for your personal growth; be the cheerleader(s) for your biggest ambitions and provide the support you need to move from a point of despondency to a point of light and success. 

Joining the club gives you an immediate home where you are surrounded by sisters who will embrace you and shower you with tons of love,
anchored by PamTheCoach.

Pam is a leadership coach for Attuned Women Leaders who journeys with women from a place of overwhelm to a place of happiness and contentment.  She has held executive positions for more than 14 years and has been running her own business for the past six years.

Upon joining you immediately receive Pam Yako’s e-book called The 5’Cs to your chosen destination and a free 45-minute introductory coaching call.


In addition, as a member of the club you will receive the following on a monthly basis:

Daily motivational message / quote or affirmation;

Access to one Group Coaching call per month where PamTheCoach will introduce the theme of the month,
and discuss practical tools to address the issues raised;

Receive a recording of the monthly group coaching call and you can listen to it at your leisure and share with other sisters;

Once a fortnight you write a confidential journal on your key challenge (any issue you are dealing with at that moment) to Pam the Coach and she will give direct feedback;

50% discount to the Annual Women in Leadership Conference;

Weekly journaling and sharing of high and low lights on the platform and receive input and support from the rest of the members;

If this sounds like something you want to do going ahead then do not waste time -
Start your Journey of finding the CEO in you!

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"Women hold a special place in society and play an important role in nurturing organizations, businesses and families. More often than not this is met with resistance or lack of appreciation and then women start to feel unworthy and lose self-confidence."




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