Nurturing Success Workshop

Success means different things to different people.   Some people it is about their career, for some it is about material possessions, others it is about their health, finances or even a combination of these things.  We all measure success differently and often times we get despondent when things don’t work out meanwhile we were not clear from the beginning or we are measuring the wrong things.

Some people know when they are working towards their success and others do not even know when their actions support or work to the detriment of their own success.  Some people surround themselves with the right people who assist in championing and supporting their success journey and others surround themselves with the opposite. 

We live in a world where everything is not so easy and we are often faced with a lot of challenges and lack of recognition or acknowledgement for our efforts.  Put differently everyone is struggling with something, situation or someone in their lives and it is quite important that we know where we are going and what do we need to get there.  We need to ask ourselves the following difficult and yet liberating questions:

  • How do I define personal success?
  • Who do I need to be in order to be successful?
  • What is holding me back?
  • Who do I need to invite in my leadership and success journey?

Join other like-minded women leaders who are on a journey to:

  • Define personal success;
  • Find instruments or tools to measure personal success;
  • Spend time in discerning what are the right choices to make to propel their success journey forward;
  • Adopting concrete actions to determine and measure their personal success journey

Financial Investment: R1400 per workshop
Payable in advance through:  EFT, Credit Card, or Order Number.


Workshop Dates
28 Oct 2017 & 18 Nov 2017


Are you game?

Sign up today as spaces are limited on this programme by contacting:
Buyiswa at 012 998 7337 or email





"Women hold a special place in society and play an important role in nurturing organizations, businesses and families. More often than not this is met with resistance or lack of appreciation and then women start to feel unworthy and lose self-confidence."




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