Diningroom Table Entrepreneurs Women Mastermind Group

Do you run you own business?
Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed and unsure of success?
Are you struggling to balance your work and other roles?
Do you sometimese question yourself if running a business is the right decision?

If these questions resonate with you then join a group of likeminded professionals
in pursuit of satisfaction and happiness whilst manifesting your dreams and desires.

“Mastermind groups offer a combination of brainstorming, education, peer accountability and support in a group setting” Napoleon Hill (Think and Growth Rich).

Building a business can often be a great challenge for many women leaders. This coupled with other life demands often make leaders feel ineffective and overwhelmed. Modern day organizations require leaders who are visionary; resilient; self-aware as well as team players. Many leaders possess the necessary skills to do this but often times suffer from lack of self-confidence; loneliness and self-doubt.

Joining a group of women who are going through the same journey might be the answer you are looking for. These women are in similar roles and have to endure the same issues and this requires working; growing and sharing together. They meet once a month on a Saturday and the sessions are hosted by Pam Yako a leadership and success coach.

If this sounds like you; join a group of women entrepreneurs as part of a Mastermind group where you learn together; support each other and jointly navigate the demands of running modern day business. The group is hosted by Pam Yako; who is a leadership and success coach.

Say goodbye to hesitation and procrastination and invest in your bright future through joining one of the Mastermind groups; where you will learn more, be more and achieve more.

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Are you game?

Sign up today as spaces are limited on this programme by contacting:
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"Women hold a special place in society and play an important role in nurturing organizations, businesses and families. More often than not this is met with resistance or lack of appreciation and then women start to feel unworthy and lose self-confidence."




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