About Us


We are an organizational development and leadership boutique consultancy with high-level expertise in organizational transformation and effective leadership capacity building. We help develop individuals into conscious leaders that help others succeed. We also help teams and organizations achieve high-level efficiency.

Founded by Pam Yako in 2009 and headed by African women, our staff reflects the company’s dedication and determination to transform individuals, teams and organizations.

About Zenande Leadership


“To be pioneers in the provision of organizational and leadership development solutions that lead to sustainable change.”


Our mission at Zenande Leadership is to:

  •  Help develop individuals into successful leaders through one on one coaching and mentorship.
  •  Assist teams to develop a sense of teamwork and develop them into a team that produces high-quality work and values one another.
  •  Help businesses and organizations achieve high efficiency by improving how they strategize, innovate, change and lead. Our goal is to help them achieve sustainable growth.


At Zenande we pride ourselves in providing high level work ethic and culture. We espouse the following values:

  •  People
  •  Integrity
  •  Reliability
  •  Professionalism
  •  Excellence
  •  Innovation