What We Do

We facilitate organisational development interventions designed to improve the overall effectiveness of organisations.

Our cutting edge leadership development programmes help to build capable and adaptive leaders. These are the kinds of leaders who navigate their complex environments very well.

We offer accredited leadership training, individual and group coaching/mentoring which helps leaders:

  • build their capacity
  • lead themselves and change
  • manage resistance
  • build a high-performance culture within their organizations

We are passionate about women development. Through our Women Leadership Academy, we provide a platform for women to:

  • unearth and enhance their core leadership competences
  • address barriers to their development
  • build their networks
  • prepare them to take their seat in the table with confidence and pride.

Our Service Offerings include:

Leadership Training and Development

Leadership Training & Development

  • Women in leadership development
  • Leadership coaching and mentoring (individual, group and team)
  • Training
Organizational Development

Organisational Development

  • Organisational Effectiveness
  • Organisational Turnaround
  • Organisational Reconfigurations
  • Organisational Diagnostics
  • Change Management
  • Business Efficiency Systems
  • Organisational Design
  • Service Delivery Models
Organizational Development

Strategy Development and Support

  • Facilitation services
  • Theory of Change Development
  • Stakeholder Mapping and Identification
  • Sector and Organizational Analysis
  • Implementation Support

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