Success is self-defined, and no one can tell you what that is.  It is what feels right for you as well as what lights up your soul.  Another way to look at success is that point of equilibrium where your wildest dreams and ambitions meet, and you feel enough and content.

It is often said that successful people have daily habits I.e., those activities; rituals; or practices you have taught yourself over a period of time and they’ve become second nature to you.

This takes me from my main takeaways from James Clear’s Atomic Habits I.e.

  • “The more you repeat a behaviour the more you reinforce an identity associated with the behaviour.”
  • “The more evidence you have for a belief; the more strongly you believe it.”

James Clear adds two new interesting dimensions I.e., association between and consistent behaviour as well as evidence and belief.  I could write a whole article about these intersections however I am well aware that when writing a blog you need to be short and to the point, so I will keep to that acceptable practice.

I recently read an article by Chelsea Clarke where she shares some things that successful people do every day, let me move straight into those.

  1. They wake up early….some people say starting your day at 5 am or 4 am has enormous benefits as the rest of the people wake up you are an hour or two ahead of the curve.  You can choose to use this time meditating, planning your day, praying, or whatever you need to do to give yourself a head start.
  2. They read (almost every day)….this is about expanding your horizon and deepening your knowledge of what is happening around you.  They say 30 minutes of reading a day exponentially changes your outlook on a number of things.
  3. They write their goals down….Chelsea argues that 3% of the people who write their goals down are 10 times more successful than the rest.  They do not only write their goals down, they constantly reflect on progress and find ways to auto-correct if necessary.
  4. They find themselves a mentor or a coach….they work with someone who acts as a trusted adviser or an accountability partner.  These two should be mandatory members of anyone’s personal board of directors as they either nudge you in the right direction or hold you to account for your own commitments.  

As a coach, I work with my clients to find clarity on their goals or purpose, adopt a workable plan of implementation, help them to find their own solutions to their challenges and hold them accountable to their own commitments to themselves.  Let me know if you want to work with me by sending me an email at and let’s see how I can be of service to you.

For those of you that follow us on social media we will, in the month of April, be sharing tips on what are the practical things you can do to improve your life and work towards your own success.