Everywhere I go and everyone I meet have expressed a common desire…”can 2020 come to an end please”. I buy into this and I get it because this year has been difficult and taxing on many levels. People have had so many misfortunes this year; they have lost their loved ones and in some cases their jobs.

I have also noticed how everyone; notwithstanding the way things were in 2020; are still doing a lot to get to tick a few boxes before 2020 ends. Everyone whilst saying one thing; isn’t it amazing that we also seem to be acting differently? We are winding down 2020 and yet we are gearing up to start 2021 with a bang. Incredible stuff!!!!!

I guess athletes understand this apparent contradiction as often times many athletes often accelerate towards the end. I sometimes wonder why is that the case. I am not an athlete but I guess how you finish a race matters. The start is good to set the pace; in the middle of the race we probably run outof steam and keep at it when the temptation to quit is so compelling and if we do that suddenly towards the end we suddenly get a second wave of energy and race to the finish line as if our life depended on it.

For me a few things need to be in place to run a good race:

  • Clarity….this is “understanding your why” and knowing why you joined the race in the first place. Being clear on why the run or why you do what you do helps to propel you forward when you are faced with a possible defeat and therefore a possibility to throw in the towel.
  • Resilience….. This is the ability to continue and just put one foot in front of the other. This is the stuff that distinguishes champions and successful people from the average because they possess the grit; resolve and attitude to rise again and keep pushing notwithstanding the odds. They possess a “Can do attitude”
  • Preparation and planning….this includes the time spent in training for the race; practicing your drills and getting ready for the big day. Have you ever listened to athletes victory speech? ….They always refer to the hard work they put in before the race; the time they put beforehand. Mental and physical preparation is the key ingredient to success….because on the day of the race a few factors count however if you know that you have run the distance a number of times and consistently finished it within your set time….then you know you can do it on the day.
  • Support….again all athletes on the podium always thank the coach; the support team and their families for supporting them through the journey and helping them overcome the personal obstacles that they faced in the lead up to the race. Let’s be realistic this is life and stuff happens. I hold the view that everyone needs a support team that encourages them when they have lost self belief; hold them accountable to their goals and join them in celebrating their victory as if it’s their own.

At the upcoming Visioning Workshops I explore these concepts and bring my tools and experience of over 10 years to help set the foundation for a successful 2021 and beyond. These are online workshops that I am hosting on the 5th and 12th December 2020. If you are interested contact us at 012 998 7337 or info@zenandeleadership.com.


Pam the coach