It’s been a while since I penned anything because “life” happened. I got acute bronchitis about 6 weeks ago and I went to see my doctor because I needed to shake it off quickly and get back on the grind.
I got better for a week and a half and got back to working on the podcast that I had planned to release its first episode in August (knowing me it has something to do with women leaders…let’s not spoil the surprise) which was women’s month in South Africa.

Guess what the bronchitis came back with a vengeance and this time took my voice as well. I had to cancel planned recording sessions because the voice was gone. This forced me to really dig deep; listen to my doctor and rest. The last week and a half was spent in bed with an occasional hour’s visit to the office to check my emails (thanks to working from home as I did not need to drive anywhere).

This little piece is about surrendering…the act of letting go; relinquish control and allow. As I have been forced to put this into practice in my life; I thought I should pen down these few words to myself and others who are resistant and by so doing blocking the flow. My main message is – It’s okay to surrender and just go with the flow.

I leave you with a few takeaways from a fellow blogger who was inspired by the “Surrender Novena” taken from the writings of an Italian priest; Fr. Don Ruotolo. There are just three (3) takeaways for me:

  • There is no magic formula or a button to press when you have to surrender. It is an intentional decision and it is a process of allowing.
  • Surrendering is not easy – you are basically swimming against the tide as you are expected to get up and fight to ensure self-sustainability and make an impact.
  • There is no schedule or timetable in surrendering ….things happen when and how they are meant to. Yes; we can push based on our plans and aspirations but then life happens.

I had planned to launch my podcast last month and despite my best efforts and wishes I couldn’t because my voice was gone. Everything was all set up, but it couldn’t happen. Now I have reframed and I am saying….I do have a message for the world which I will transmit through the podcast but when and how that date will be….God knows!!!

As the Italians would say….Piano; piano!

Pam the Coach