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Normally, when we celebrate women’s month we would be looking forward to spring and even better a brighter and warmer part of the year.  The high levels of optimism as we march through the last stretch of winter is often unprecedented. Suddenly the spring in our steps is different, we can sense the positive horizon within touching distance.

The Covid-19 pandemic and its impact in our economic and social lives, coupled with rising gender- based violence statistics have made this month a little gloomy to say the least. Suddenly the mood has changed from celebration to concern and fear. What does this all mean for this year’s women’s month? Does it mean women should not be celebrated as there are more things to concern about?  That would be a grave mistake as women and their efforts need to be celebrated and honored now more than ever before… As we know,  that they bear brunt of most of the country’s hardships.


How best to celebrate women during this time?

 Being cognizant of the current social and economic hardships, we need to celebrate women by recognizing that the following:

  • Women are worthy of celebrating

Women constitute the majority of our population and constitute the bedrock of our society.  They diligently contribute to society’s sustenance and their often carry their burden without even a flinch.  They often go about their societal role without complaining and or seeking accolades, and often times they often forget who they are and the value they bring.  We need to continually affirm them especially the younger generation that they are valued and they matter. They might not hold high positions in society however, they hold the most important position of keeping the social fabric intact.

  • Women get things done

In the words of Margaret Thatcher “If you want something done, ask a woman”.  They often do the impossible and soldier on with or without recognition. Women know that they need to do what is necessary to keep things going and to drive change. They have resilience and the zest to get things going and often get out of their way to achieve results.

  • Women are a Masterpiece

You are God’s Masterpiece – Ephesian 2:10 is a rallying point for women to believe in themselves and honor their beauty.  Beauty is not limited to what is merely seen on the surface.  It is about living your truth and embracing your inner beauty. Having a growth mindset and believing in one’s abilities and skills is fundamental in holding that women are rare diamonds that need to be constantly nurtured and polished so that they remain a masterpiece.

As we celebrate this month in a more somber environment, lets remain focused and appreciate the role that women continue to play in society.

Happy Women’s month

Pam The Coach