My last blog was about welcoming Spring and I urged you to find ways to spring into action.

How did that go?   Did you find that useful?  

The good thing for me with the blogs is that I get to do the work as well.   What really got me going was the reference to “a way of being that accepts our true essence”

Since the 1st of September I have been grappling with this question – What is my true essence”  How do I take back by personal power such that I am fine with who I am?  How do I acknowledge my personal growth and distinguish between intentional living and accepting fate?

I do not know about you but for me these are hard questions that often times I avoid and continue to live a life that is not congruent with who I am?

I am bringing this topic for discussion just to share my thoughts and my own internal debates and it would be real nice if you were to leave me some comments on your perspective or views.

To be able to answer these sometimes difficult questions it helps to Tap in the power Within”   It is my firm belief that when you have tapped into your power you are better able to make the impact you want and not permanently feel in a state of despair.

A few tips on how do to this:

  • Find time to be with self – this means no distractions and really use the time to be with self and engage in serious conversations.  Be comfortable with your own company as in many cases we are in the company of others and social beings we seek to please others as a way of seeking belonging;
  • Sit with your own discomfort – as we go through life people and certain environments trigger us and it is important that you work out “Why am I feeling this way?  What is it that was being said that is making me feel this way?
  • Embrace Change – change is the only constant and every day if we are open to learning and discovery, we should be finding situations that challenge our perspective in life and the paradigms that have served us to date;
  • Be prepared to Act – some of us suffer from analysis-paralysis and never find actually do something about anything.   I am firm believer that sometimes we learn to swim by being plunged into the deep end and also clarity is sometimes attained in action.   So start and do something.   With time you can correct or put differently take a calculate risk but do take the risk.

As I conclude I would like you invite you to join me as I explore these and many other issues in two current programs.   The first one is a 7 – day free Spring Awakening Series which is currently running.   The second one is a paid programme where we go much deeper into these issues and more.   Interested?  Please contact


Pam The Coach