We are almost in holiday season and everyone is ready to let their guards down be in a festive mood.

2016 was a very good year for me as I go to travel and learn to invest in my business and myself and took the time to rekindle my passion and purpose in life.

If I were to ask you a reflective question……….how was 2016 for you?

Just a little bit about myself – my name is Pam Yako and I am a leadership coach for women leaders who are either in a professional/management role or running their own businesses. I journey with these women from a place of feeling overwhelmed to a happy place where feel they attune with who they are.

I do this, as I believe that women have a special role to play in society and the economy and this role needs to be recognised, supported and nurtured.

Talking about nurturing I would like to explore 5 ways we as women leaders can nurture ourselves. These are:

  • Have more me time – this means spending quality time with ourselves in order to recharge and rejuvenate ourselves. We need this energy in order to fulfill our role in society.
  • Taking care of our physical wellbeing – this means taking care of our bodies through massages, going on reflective walks, running, manicure,
  • Getting a connection with our souls – ensuring that we take care of our souls by engaging in spiritually uplifting activities like meditating, praying or just be in front of the Devine being;
  • Finding support for our leadership journey – this means finding your own support club or network (could be online as you can connect from anywhere in the world); finding a coach, mentor or anybody who can be your support base for your dreams and aspirations;
  • Keeping in touch with our emotions and being grateful – this means were need to journal the good days, the discoveries, the nice activities that you will be undertaking and writing how do these make you feel; the time spent with family, the new recipes you have tried and what response you go from these.

This is all meant to put you in good stead for 2017 so that you approach the New Year with the necessary vigour, excitement and energy befitting of a goddess.

Chat soon about planning for an awesome and attuned year.


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