Many countries are on lockdown and most of us are finding ourselves in unfamiliar territory. Some people are engulfed in fear and others are starting to talk about what opportunities does a post Covid-19 world pose?

I don’t know about you; but I have found myself moving from fear; sadness; worry; self doubt; questioning self worth and sometimes excited about the future. The one good thing is that I have taken a conscious decision not to judge myself but merely chose to notice the feelings and embrace them.

I have also made a decision to start living in the NOW. Acknowledge and being in touch with what is going on around me and how am I responding to it. The one thing I am proud of is the choice I have made of going inside and ask myself who am I becoming in these difficult times.

If you have taken a similar decision I have found some tips to share with you. These tips are an adaptation of what Afam Uche wrote on the topic of finding yourself.

Here are the tips:

  • Change you perspective and habits – when you change your perspective on how you look at something, it is a first step in re-framing what you are dealing with. When you have done this you will definitely find new habits.
  • Outline your worth; value and authenticity – you can ask questions like what may I be needing right now? What might have brought these feelings and thoughts? Remind yourself that just because I am feeling this way this shouldn’t be my only truth so the question is – what other truth exists that I may be blinded to?
  • Ask Questions- when you feel like sliding off find time to unplug and reflect e.g. what direction do I have to shift into? What emotions do I have to honor and prioritize? How can I appreciate my worth?
  • Evaluate – in the process of evaluating you can: give yourself permission to be imperfect; being tender with your fear; set and maintain boundaries and reminding yourself on your worthiness.

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I would like to end this by leaving you with an extract from a Randy Crawford song.

“I’ve been to Georgia and California; oh; anywhere I could go;

Took the hand of a preacher man and we made love in the sun;

But I ran out of places and friendly faces because I had to be free;

I’ve been to paradise, but I have never been to me”

Enjoy the journey