We have now hit the cold winter months and I feel this particular winter is exceptionally cold. As a summer baby, I feel like hibernating and scaling down my activities until it is much warmer.

I don’t know how many of you don’t like the cold, sometimes wet and miserable winter days. It even gets dark for longer and Ouma’s rusks dunked in hot chocolate whilst cuddling in your bed; seems more inviting.

The struggle I face every winter is how do I not fall into this trap and remain productive. I keep on reminding myself that I have clients to serve and bills to pay but can they not give me a break, please? I sometimes lie in my bed and go into self-pity….” poor me”; “Can I stay in bed for one more hour”; “Surely one day is not gonna make a difference”. These are the real conversations I have with myself.

As part of motivating myself, I decided to research this topic and to my surprise, there are many resources on how to beat the winter blue. I thought let me share some in this blog and maybe this might be just the boost someone out there needs.

Here are some survival tips I found, and I thought I must share these whilst I am trying them out myself:

  • Wake up; open the curtains/blinds and immediately make your bed. Apparently, the winter scenery is very beautiful and watching it will give the much-needed morning boost. In addition, if you have made your bed you are most unlikely to go back to sleep and so you can just start your day right there.
  • Journal or write your morning pages. This helps you to get in touch with your most creative side and is a great tool for putting your plans and intentions to paper. I know journaling as a habit helps me to jot down my uncensored thoughts in the moment and these can range from ideas, plans and even releasing my inner and fearful thoughts and misgivings about life’s mishaps. Journalling for me is very therapeutic and keeps me grounded.
  • Dress warmly and go for a walk. I am cringing as I write this one but think about it there is nothing as invigorating as the winter breeze. As you step out you will feel the impact of the cold weather on your face but if you just persevere for 2 minutes you will suddenly be enjoying the fresh and crisp winter air whilst keeping to that exercise routine. A friend of mine’s winter slogan is “Summer bodies are made in winter” and let’s be honest who doesn’t want that summer body?
  • Practice self-care. Read a book and expand your knowledge or learn a new skill like drawing or stay indoors and develop your vision board whilst sitting by the fire. I am a firm believer in vision boards and I often develop them in winter. Vision Board gives you a visual account of your aspirations and goals and I personally enjoy the process of paging through magazines looking for those images that talk to me at a deeper level.

Finally, some of my most successful offerings are developed during the winter months. Speaking of which I am super excited about my latest offering which I call…. Women A.R.E program. This is a 6-week long online program that I am currently marketing and will start on the 29th of July 2023. This program is for women on a mission and who are seeking a boost and a supportive community as they continue to define and find deeper expressions of themselves in their quest to be on top of their game. If you are interested, click the button below; send us an email at info@zenandeleadership.com or check out our social media platforms.

Looking forward to being your host as you give yourself the head start to a more focused and intentional approach to your own success.

Make the most of this winter and invest in yourself as well as adopt the tips discussed in this blog and take control and be in the driving seat of your life’s journey.

Pam the Coach