Last Friday (8 March 2019), we celebrated International Women’s Day. I do not know about others… but as a woman, I really felt good for being recognized and acknowledged for the efforts that I make to the betterment of the world in tackling the patriarchal tendencies of society.

I was particularly intrigued by some of the comments that some women made on Facebook. Without quoting who said what, these were some that I observed with keen interest…

“International Women’s Day is not only about equal rights for women. The purpose of IWD is to create awareness around patriarchy. The core reason why the relationship between that of women and men becomes one of dominance and oppression.”

“Today is International Women’s Day. The theme for this year is #balanceforbetter – a call to action for driving gender balance across the world.  So how will you be spending your day Phenomenal Woman?”

“Strong women aren’t simply born. We are forged through the challenges of life. Happy International Women’s Day”

Just by simply taking a sample from some of these rich messages and comments made by women, one is excited to note the level of appreciation of what is at stake with regard to women’s emancipation. I am also alive to the inspirational and celebratory nature of the messages.

This brings me to the event I hosted on the day. Over 40 women from different age groups were in attendance. Their personal stories and journeys’, the sisterhood, tips and tools shared were all amazing and gave full expression to the saying(s) that  “the future is female” and “surround yourself with women who bring out the very best in you”.

I certainly was in the company of leaders and above all else, I felt that I belong. I also felt that I still have much to learn from the sisters that were in attendance. I have no doubt in my mind that all of the women that were in attendance are ready to take their rightful place in society, step out and “think equal”. The journey in front of us is to harness that ‘sisterly energy ‘ into concrete actions, that not only seek to get us to the forefront of determining our destiny but is also a journey to enrich ourselves with the requisite skills for “building smart and innovate for change”.  This will enable us to do what we have to do, to ensure the desired outcome.

I, as a leadership coach… Who has set myself a value proposition that goes “I help women leaders and change makers achieve breakthroughs in all aspects of their lives” … have my work cut out for me. I am certainly feeling energized to dig deep and reinvent myself and my offerings in order to respond to the need out there. I am inspired and I am up to the challenge…

“Watch this space!”