Archbishop Tutu once said, “If we are going to see real development in the world; then our best investment is in Women.” This is an affirmation that we often take for granted. Here is the thing…we live in a patriarchal world and this narrative is not the dominant one hence we don’t even entertain it.

Women remain the majority of our society and in many situations, they are the primary caregivers and society’s nurturers. Society often does not value this trait until we get hit by a pandemic. Now that we have learnt to live with Covid-19 and its venom seemingly abated; how many of us still remember the role of health workers ( doctors and nurses) played at a time when society was helplessly plunged into a crisis.

When we talk about investing in women we mean; giving women the space and opportunities to lead. Listening to their wise counsel and setting resources aside solely for their uplifting as we recover from many economic and societal woes.

This August on the 18 & 19, I am hosting 6 prominent women at the Incredibly You event. This event includes women from all walks of life coming together in a hybrid event to celebrate and honour the role that women play.

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In the meantime remember that we need to invest in our women and more importantly women should also invest in themselves.