I am not even sure this word queen-ness exists in the English dictionary and if it doesn’t, I apologize to the linguists. I however would like to spend some time and discuss what does this mean and maybe those that are responsible for putting words in the dictionary will stop and listen.

As we approach International Women’s Day, I stopped and reflected on the journey towards women’s emancipation. It’s a lifelong struggle however we are beginning to see the fruits of our labour. More and more women are being appointed onto positions of authority and put differently, are taking up leadership roles in organizations and society in general.

I am exceptionally pleased about this phenomenon as numbers matter. I also hasten to say a lot more needs to happen to bring more women to the table and also allow them to genuinely lead from the heart. We need more compassion and kindness in the world today and I am happy to say that women leaders bring that and more to the table.

In this short note I want to discuss what does “Queen-ness” mean and how can we embrace the notion of being a queen. To borrow from the OneOfMany characterisation “a queen leads through vision and inspiration and leads through grace and dignity”. (Www.OneOfMany.uk)

As we move towards the 8th of March which is International Women’s Day, how do you feel about your “Queen…ness”? How do you wear your crown? What vision do you hold for other women? How do you lead with grace and dignity?

I will be hosting a 2-hour event on this day where we celebrate women and also rededicate ourselves to the cause. The session will run from 12-2pm on the 8th of March and it is a virtual; lunch hour gig. Please join us as we would love to hear your voice and insights.

If you are interested please click on the link below and register…. P.S. limited seats available so sign up and join us.


Pam the Coach