On the 8th of March we celebrated international women’s day and I had the honour and privilege to host 9 sisters who shared their personal journeys, lessons, struggles and all of this done simply for the love of others. I still get goose bumps on how many women out there actually are prepared to make the time, subject themselves to some deep questioning from me and do all of this at no cost. I want to salute and celebrate these women and count myself as being blessed to able to hold the space and create a common platform for women to be themselves and open up, share, offer themselves for others not to make the same mistakes and all of this is done out of love.

Being the host of the 9 interviews I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of commonality, it was as if they were singing from the same script. It became very clear to me that there is unity in action and all I needed to do was to make it possible. There was a common song and personally I love music and more importantly how does music both literally and figuratively ignite a higher level of being for people and who they are.   These women were basically singing the same song and these were some of the lyrics – “How can I build as I grow”, “Lift as you rise”; “If you can’t change the wind at least adjust the sail”; “Find your purpose and dance to your music”; “Embrace your vulnerability and not be apologetic about being emotional”; “Be the change you want to see in the world”

The common theme was presence, claiming your power and being authentic and all of this was raised with such melody and high levels of resonance that I started to feel that I was part of something big and large whilst being visionary, practical and even spiritual. It felt like a revolution in the making and a gigantic movement of significant proportions and it could not be harnessed and be confined into a small place. I realised these were the sweet sounds of sisters united in song and with a clear purpose and zeal to make the world a better place for current and future generations. Every woman shared a part of herself in a phenomenal way and I became convinced that the future is bright and the sisters have arrived and are prepared to be bold for change and are willing to build as they grow.

I was left with a big challenge in my hands and that is to write up all the interviews and make them available for other people to experience them and my team and I are busy with this project – we will write up everything and make it available soon. In the meantime the spirit of the 3-day conference made me think of one of Quincy Jones’s songs called “What good is a song” and just to share the chorus with you.

“What good what good is a song

If it cannot move you, it cannot release you

What good what good is a song if it is not good enough to sing?

If aint got not message, if it cannot inspire, if it can’t sent you higher”

Listening to the singing of these ladies certainly sent me higher and inspired me to do more and be more and strengthened my resolve to work with women leaders in helping to create a better world.

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Your sister in song