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Yipeee we made it into 2019 and how exciting it is to have made it thus far. Everywhere one goes in the month of January one is met with loving, congratulatory and encouraging greetings….” Happy New Year, Compliments of the New Year….All of the best for 2019, so it goes. It is indeed a feel good time.

For some people it is a time of deep reflection and contemplation. What have I achieved? What do I have to show? What impact am I gonna make moving forward? What goals am I gonna set for myself for the New Year? For some people it is a time for new beginnings…..try something new, challenge myself more, aim to achieve more. Whatever your frame of reference is, it is indeed a time to start afresh and try out some exciting things or breathe a new lease of life to old projects or goals.

For me, I personally believe it is a time to dream bigger and reinvent myself. It is a time to say how can I be of more influence or share my gifts with the world. This is the time I release past failures and mishaps and say to myself it is a new year, what did not work is in the past where I am now I have a chance to take another bite at the cherry. I do that through planning and setting myself goals and realistic targets.

Ben Brearly identifies planning as a means to communicate expectations and creating certainty in organizations. He further sees planning as a tool to help leaders hold people accountable. I share Ben’s conviction and personally I am always fascinated about how motivated people are when there is clarity on the intended destination and I have seen and experienced how this contributes to team effectiveness.

At another level engaging in personal planning creates an opportunity to discover your innate skills and finding ways of best utilizing them to get the greatest amount of satisfaction and enjoyment from everything you do. Brian Tracy contends that when you engage in personal strategic planning you embark on a journey of increasing your “return on energy”. I am a firm believer of setting personal goals and holding myself accountable for the achievement of the things I have set for myself. I see this as both liberating and creating purposefulness.

I have come across a few people and friends who never set goals and who just go with the flow. There might be value in that, I would not know however I hold a very strong view that where there is clarity there is bound to be better action.

I intend to share my thoughts on this and also the tools I use to develop and manage planning and implementation. If it is not for you it’s understandable however I would strongly urge you to give it some thought and join me on Facebook Live as I explore this topic and related matters. I will be doing this over 3 days from the 28th to the 30th of January. If you are not on Facebook don’t despair just pop me an email and I will gladly send you the recordings.

Happy planning and see you soon!


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