Celebrating International Women’s Day

I am writing this on Sunday the 8th of March 2015 on international Women’s Day, which is, celebrated the world over. This year’s celebration is particularly significant in that it marks 20 years after the Beijing Platform for Action was adopted.

UN Women (United Nations for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women) as part of its celebrations is launching a campaign on Stepping up implementation of the commitments. Some of the suggested ways of stepping up include the following:

  • Introduce new laws and review, revise and implement existing ones to promote gender equality;
  • Update or establish new action plans, strategies and policies on gender equality;
  • Enhance women’s leadership and participation at all levels of decision-making;
  • Confront and address social norms, stereotypes that perpetuate gender inequality, discrimination and violence against women and girls;
  • Launch public mobilization and national awareness-raising campaigns to promote gender equality;
  • Invest in gender equality at national and international levels.

Zenande Leadership, on the 6th of March, hosted a successful celebratory event, which was attended by more than 200 women leaders. I am personally proud of the significant achievement of this event and thirst expressed by the women leaders present on the need to create platforms for networking, dialogue and sharing of experiences.

Zenande Leadership’s women in leadership programme, launched at this event, is about women leaping forward. It augurs very well with the UN WOMEN ‘s Step it up campaign. Our programme is in line with proposed action number three (3) i.e. Enhance women’s leadership and participation at all levels of decision-making.

 The WOLEAP (we…leap) program is about raising the bar on the empowerment of women leaders by creating the necessary support, platforms and providing much needed tools. The programme has five elements namely: Research; Support to Organisations; Coaching and Mentoring; Leadership Training and Networking and information sharing.

I am excited about the potential impact of this programme and am looking forward to work with many women leaders as we take the giant leap forward towards greater mastery and giganticness.


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