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In a week’s time we will be celebrating International Women’s Day under the UN theme “Think equal, build smart, innovate for change”.   This theme really talks to me as a middle aged South African woman who sometimes feel overwhelmed by just a mere will to survive.   You can ask the question, why is that?’’  Here is the thing… We still live in the most unequal and unrepresentative society that as a woman I have to work extra hard to prove my worth and value.


I believe I am not alone, there are many sisters out there, young and old, who have to constantly swim against the tide, just for the world to recognise that “Women Matter”  It is not the time to lament, however we will be naïve and amiss of our mission in life if we do not pause and reflect on how far we have come and we still have to go whilst staking our claim in the future.


At this moment I pause to salute Mama Dorothy Masuka who a few days ago took her final bow.  She is a legend and a music icon who took to the stage and applied her craft in the worst of times.  The spirit of this woman (imbokodo) and many others of her generation uplifted many of us in the darkest days and kept the light shining despite the odds.  She was a beacon of hope and a pillar of strength for many.  As I internalize this year’s theme, I take solace in her spirit and urge other women to take up the mantle and rise to the challenge.


It is a time to celebrate and honour those that came before us, at the same time it a time to honour those of us who continue to hold the fort and demonstrate high levels of resilience and courage in pursuit of our dreams and happiness. As a woman today I derive strength from Robert Schuller’s words where he says  “If it going to be…it’s up to me”.   That is the essence of my message to the sisters out there today as we continue to march forward and make the world a better place for current and future generations.


As part of these celebrations I am super excited to be hosting another international women’s day celebration event on the 8th of March in Pretoria, Gauteng.  It is held to celebrate and honour the phenomenal women out there and add my voice of encouragement to everyone to “Think equal, build smart, innovate for change. We will come together as sisters to celebrate, reflect and support each in through sisterhood spirit. If you are interested to attend please contact Ziyanda – Ziyanda@zenandeleadership.com and book your front row seat at no cost to you.  We are pulling out all stops to make this day as productive and worthwhile as we can.  I love these events as they energize me and give me a new perspective to find ways of being and continue to define my relevance and purpose.


I am looking forward to celebrate this day with some of you in person and others virtually.




“Helping women leaders and change makers achieve breakthrough in all aspects of their lives”