Last month I wrote about October; my birthday month being a time for new beginnings and it kinda like felt strange as often people talk about new beginnings as part of the new year resolutions.

I reflected on whether I should wait until the beginning of the year when everyone is adopting new year resolutions or should I go ahead. I came to the conclusion that whilst the temptation to wait till January was compelling  but sometimes the conventional route is not always the right way to go and you have to appreciate and embrace your own uniqueness. So I affirmed myself and resolved that there is no better time than NOW!

Whilst I was still pondering on these issues it dawned on me that maybe I am talking about a transition. I am in the process of rebirthing myself as a woman leader and as an entrepreneur so I am in transition…right!

Often times transitions are scary and challenging and that we are all better off with what we know and we often say – anyway it’s tried and tested it might not be perfect but it works so why bother! I believe transition is good and necessary as it gives you a time to reflect and ask yourself the big question ‘Why?‘.

Why do I coach? Why do I live in South Africa? Why do I live inland instead of the coast and why do I go to work everyday? Why do I believe in the special role that women play in the economy and society etc.

I might not be able to answer these questions in this piece however as I journey through transition and as I am traversing the new path these questions need to be answered as if I don’t, I run the risk of complacency and not achieving the one thing that is dear to me – serving my clients and living my purpose.

So no matter when you decide that it is time to reflect or it’s time for change … take a step back and ask the big question ‘why’? It is those answers that will keep you aligned with your values; live your purpose and also navigate through transition.

Have a great month!!!!

Pam Yako

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