Yesterday we marked the beginning of yet another year and I watched with a sense of joy and appreciation as many people celebrated and ushered in 2017. Gosh… the amount of love shared, enthusiasm and excitement brewing everywhere I went, with all forms of media especially social media abuzz with well wishes and just sheer love and happiness. A big part of me wanted to clone the moment or the day and make that every day’s living, which begs the question – does it only have to end around New Year’s Day.

We live in a tough world where everybody literally everyday is rushing somewhere or trying to do something in order to earn a living, serve their purpose or just get themselves busy in one way or the other. That is obviously the good part, the sad part is that whilst we pursue the good deed (s) we forget to live, share with another, love each other and simply have fun. We forget to play and be happy people and save it for the festive season or dare I say… New Years Day.

Have you ever imagined if the spirit of the festive season can be sustained throughout the year, or if we have everybody being enthusiastic at the beginning of the each day, week, month to a point of sharing their positive energy on social media (or anywhere else where they meet or engage with people) for all of us to receive and enjoy so that we can learn and emulate it. I think this spirit can multiply and impact a whole lot more people and create happy, enthusiastic and loving nations and the world.

So I guess my challenge to you today is “how can you consistently contribute to a happier you, family, institutions and world. How can you emulate the excitement and enthusiasm of the season to build a better world? I firmly believe that all of us have an innate ability to change our paradigm and ourselves in order to yield better results for the world we live in.

I came across a quote this morning on social media that got me thinking and propelled me to write this blog (which is my monthly commitment anyway to you) and it read “On your last day on earth, the person you become will meet the person you could have become” – Anon. This is line with the title of a book by Dr. Wayne Dyer’s book – “Don’t die with your music still in you”

Does this resonate with you? It certainly inspired me to write this blog today and on that reflective note – “Happy New Year”

Believing in you

Pam Yako

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