“Spring drew on . . . and a greenness grew over those brown beds, which, freshening daily, suggested the thought that hope traversed them at night, and left each morning brighter traces of her steps.” —Charlotte Bronte

As we begin this spring season I could not help but reflect on the words of this writer and the more deeply I pondered the more I realised that we have once again reached a beautiful season – a season of rebirth, hope and a season of change.

We have spent the winter months in hibernation and now it is time to unshackle the chains and release ourselves from all those things that held us back as we justifiably protected ourselves from the cold. It is time to blossom, be alive, dream again and work tirelessly towards the achievement of our goals.

A big question arises though – do we know what is it that we are striving for? Do we know what are dreams and goals are? Is it career progression? Is it improvement of our health or fitness levels? Is it saving money for that overseas trip? Is it landing the ideal job? Or is it starting that business and quit your current job? Do we even know?

For many people if a stranger were to stop them in the street and ask them a simple question of what their dream life or lifestyle would be, chances are that they would not be able to convincingly answer that question. Alternatively, the question would be – what are you most passionate about and to what extent are you spending your days pursuing your passion or dreams.

For some people the answer would be anything like As soon as…” or “I’d like to…” or “I used to dream…” while explaining a daily life tangled up in too many demands and never enough time or energy to get to the things that matter most.

How about using this new season to rekindle your passion and identify what you like and pursue the things you like doing and feel energized by.   My challenge to you this spring is – take it as a time to reconnect with your soul, your passion, find and pursue the things that make you feel happy as opposed to pleasing others or trying to belong or appear responsible.

Finally, use the time to do what you love, connect with the people that adore you or add value to your life, find those activities that energize you and more importantly reawaken the real you and love yourself for who you really are and continue to pursue your essence.

Happy Spring!!!! Loving you always


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