The one thing everyone shares at dinner tables ( within the restrictions of an pandemic) is an emphatic chorus “2020 must come to an end now”. It’s been a hard year as the world has been ravaged by a deadly virus. The pandemic has affected economies; work productivity; relationships; fitness and health levels and sadly many have lost their loved ones.

2020 has forced many of us to come out of our shell; pivot our businesses; host virtual parties; worship virtually; read online Sunday papers etc. It has forced us to dig deep; appreciate life and friendships; rediscover ourselves and find creative ways of being.

I want to pause on two words i.e pivot and creative. The dictionary meaning of “pivot” is – “the central point; pin; or shaft on which a mechanism turns or oscillates” Whilst “creative” means – “relating to or involving the use of imagination or original ideas to create something”

In essence these two words are about finding new ways of being and going beyond our comfort zones. For many of us this is hard as we are used to justify standing still and not moving forward. It is often easy to play the blame and/or victim game. Let’s face it who does not need to host a ‘pity party?’ After all things have happened to us and therefore, we are justified to feel a little fragile.

I would like to put out a challenge to my readers as we approach the final stretch of 2020… Can we not use this time to find our essence? Change our mojo and use our imagination to propel us forward. We need to use what is left of 2020 to unlock ourselves and make sure that we become a better version of ourselves.

I am happy to work with you in an exciting set of Visioning workshops to be held virtually on the 5th of December and the 12 of December. These are half day virtual workshops that I will be hosting to help my clients to release 2020 whilst setting up a new plan for 2021. If interested please contact and book your slot.

It is as easy as:

1. Choose your date (5 or 12 December 2020)

2. Contact to book your slot and find out the cost.

I must say, in designing the workshops I have had to give everything I have whilst being generous and kind. I have had to twist my Financial Manager’s arm to offer these workshops at 2015 prices whilst enriching the offering itself.

Let’s do this and end this year with a bang!!!


Coach Pam