Zozi Tunzi

This question was asked to the current Miss Universe….Ms Zozi Tunzi as part of the contest. Do you remember what the answer was?…”leadership

Let me first congratulate Zozi and the entire South African nation for this achievement. Having done so I would like to turn to the answer she gave, which clearly impressed the judges and handed her the titled.

The response was not only befitting to the audience but is a conversation that is worth having globally.

I loved the answer as it resonated with my own values; beliefs and what I think must be done. I firmly believe that women and girls occupy a special place in society today and how they show up and see themselves is a necessary ingredient to a more sustainable growth and forward movement of society.

Women have historically not played a central and leadership role in all spheres of society. This is not through their own making or laziness but through a well established and embedded system of patriarchy. If society is going to be able to step up to the reality of a Volatile; Uncertain; Complex and Ambiguous(VUCA) world then we need to embrace the role of women in providing a plausible and relevant response.

For women to be able to step up to be co-creators of a new world order then they have to be empowered and given the space to lead. John Maxwell argues that “Everything rises and falls on leadership”. The numbers suggest that this is not happening and for society’s own sustenance we owe to ourselves.

Teaching leadership to women and girls has to be intentional. It needs to build on and not change their feminine and nurturing side.

Finally we need to do more abs create more spaces and avenues for teaching women on how to lead themselves; how to lead others and how to lead organizations and institutions.

The time is now!

Happy festive season!!!!

P.S. This is my last blog for this year. I now move into self care and relaxation mode


Pam the Coach