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I spent the weekend of the 20/21 July 2019 with a group of girls from Nombulelo and Ntsika Secondary Schools in Makhanda. These are Grade 10-12 learners who have been selected to be class reps.   We have been working with these girls in enhancing their leadership effectiveness and also imparting self-management skills.

The weekend was spent at the Camdeboo National Park which provides the visitor with insights into the unique landscape and ecosystem of the Karoo, as well as it’s scenic beauty. One of the biggest attractions in this area is ‘The Valley of Desolation’ whose viewpoints provide panoramic views of the landscape.  According to SanParks, “the viewpoints of the Valley itself provide a breath-taking view of piled dole-rite columns against the backdrop of the plains of the Great Karoo and a timeless sense of wonder at a landscape said to be the product of the erosive and volcanic forces of nature over a period of 200 million years”.

This trip was an invitation into nature, as people living in cities and towns we often forget how therapeutic and fulfilling a trip to the countryside brings. Let’s face it, we belong to nature and often times just by merely taking a walk outside or walking barefoot on your lawn you are able to lift some of the everyday burdens we often carry.   I personally find that by just being in nature I learnt to appreciate how fortunate I am to be living in a country where this is possible. I get to appreciate that there is life outside the boardroom and the day to day hustling that one gets to do.

More importantly, being in nature helps me get more in touch with my essence. Martha Beck calls this ‘’one’s essential self’’.  She describes the essential self as that part of us which is our genetic legacy, who you are or the person you are born to be. This includes your tastes and talents. Can you imagine what impact we will make in the world if we all operated from our authentic self or who we are really meant to be? This is against being a person who tries to please others at their own expense.  This is not meant to be a judgement on others on the contrary it is a reminder that all of us matter and bring natural talents that are valuable to the world.

As a I conclude I want to share how energized I am and how revived I am to be more and do more as I continue to apply my craft. I would like to encourage you …when you feel overwhelmed and finding that you are not coping, remember that a trip to nature will assist. We all have an open invitation to nature and the question is are we game and willing to take this invitation up. I promise you that never nature disappoints.


Pam The Coach