Last week I was listening to music and Billy Ocean’s song “Suddenly” came on. On the one hand, this brought back sweet memories which reminded me of the days of listening to Billy’s music with no appreciation and understanding of the meaning.

Fast forward to today where I listen to music and appreciate the sound in the same way I appreciate the lyrics. “Suddenly” is definitely a love song and what I resonated with the most was Billy’s reference to seeing “love as a fairytale” until that “first hello”.

How many times have we seen things in life as fairytales? How many times have we doubted our ability to achieve something? How many times have we felt that we don’t deserve the good things in life?

Owning up to being magnificent and incredible can take a lot of affirmation; at the same, it can take just us switching things a gear and claiming our power. This is the one trait that incredible women have i.e. believing in their true power and having the ability to step into their own and dance with life as it unfolds.

I am super excited to be hosting 6 incredible women on the 18th and 19th August 2022. This will be a hybrid event and I will be journeying with these women of substance as they share their stories whilst inspiring all of us to be and do more for ourselves and those we care about dearly. These include other women and sisters by the way.

The event takes place at a time when the world requires more leadership and direction and this requires more women to step up; claim their rightful place in the world and take front-row seats to solve the world’s problems. The world needs our femininity and caring nature to make it a better place for current and future generations. It needs women who are comfortable in their skin and care enough about humanity to share their wisdom with others.

I firmly believe that all of us have that innate ability to be incredible and do great things. We just need to believe in our power and greatness to lead the desired change primarily in ourselves and in society at large.

We can achieve all of this and more if we:

– set clear life intentions;
– follow our purpose;
– be kind to ourselves;
– adopt a growth mindset;
– set boundaries and
– learn to ask for help.

More importantly, if we accept that we are incredible as we are and therefore don’t need to be fixed or mended and that we are a force to be reckoned with.

See you at the event on the 18 & 19 August 2022.

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